Tim Mossholder — Harvesting Strawberries

As COVID-19 swept across the globe, hospitals were pushed to their breaking points, unemployment rose, uncertainty gripped millions, and food insecurity in the United States climbed to its highest rate since the Great Depression. Where were the safety nets to prevent millions from going hungry? Where were the widespread programs that ensured children out of school would receive adequate nutritious meals? While organizations scrambled to fill some of the gaps and the government handed out relief packages, we have to ask ourselves why does it require a pandemic to realize just how fragile our food systems have become?

Hundreds of…

In December 2020, Singaporean restaurant 1880 grabbed worldwide headlines by serving up the first commercially available cultured meat. This was also the first time a country approved the sales of lab-grown meat, which many hoped would signify a shift in the way we ‘raise’ and consume animal-based food products. The lab-grown chicken produced by U.S.-based Eat Just wasn’t a new idea. …

LikeMeat Like Burger — Soya based, photographer & cook: Line Tscherning

It’s become a well-known fact that billionaire Warren Buffett starts off each morning at the McDonald’s drive-through. His choice of breakfast? Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit if stocks are up and two sausage patties if they are down. Buffett isn’t alone, roughly 36% of Americans eat fast food every day, according to the CDC. With the recent surge of interest in plant-based meat products from long-established fast-food chains, we have to ask whether or not fast food could save the planet?

Why Does My Fast Food Diet Concern You?

Up until about 2018, academic literature and news headlines were dominated…

Jo-Anne McArthur — Aerial views of CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) farms in North Carolina, USA.

“No one is here by choice” was the unshakable feeling that rattled around my head and uncomfortably settled into my body over the years while working undercover as a factory farm investigator. For fourteen to sixteen hours a day six days a week we were surrounded by death. It’s the type of death that is vilified and often mistakenly depicted at the hands of not only the willing but gleeful participants. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. So why is it we demonize factory farm workers? Where do these assumptions come from?

The exact number of factory farm…

Arturo Jose Garcia

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